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There are 3 reasons to choose International School Discovery:

Safety and comfort are on the first place:

  • modern equipment
  • compliance with sanitary and fire regulations
  • playground in a protected area

Favorable price:

  • fixed in Rubles
  • the price includes all-in price

Our staff consists of:

  • high-qualified teachers from the UK and Russia
  • a pediatrician with medical office
  • a speech therapist
  • the chef from Germany with own kitchen
  • a psychologist

We are fully agree that it’s not a place makes the person better; it’s a person who makes it. Kindergarten should be cozy, fun and safe. First of all it should be situated in a specially designed building and not in the office or in the apartment with its own playground for walks. We do not combine bedrooms with classrooms because of the lack of place. Quite the contrary, there is a lot of space in our classrooms. And there is no need to take children to other places during concerts, as we have an equipped music hall. And we have a freshly prepared meal in our own kitchen, rather than other kindergartens eat their lunch from lunchboxes. International School Discovery never saves money on new toys, equipment and linen. There are special offices for pediatrician, speech therapist, and psychologist.

74% of kindergartens have serious violations according to the results of the independent audit of private kindergartens in 2014.

Imagine the feelings of a child who is in the middle of the year forced to change the school. Not because of the move, but because the school is closed on the audit of the Department of education, the Department of Sanitation or Fire Department.

It is necessary to you?

choose a reliable kindergarten


The most important thing for us is children. We are not trying to stuff children with the knowledge, to give them a fun pastime or to do illustrative work for parents. We are striving to make them happy.

Our values:

Every child is important for us at Discovery. We know that the nature of a child forms to seven years, so it is a significant  period in the life of children.

Our mission:

Discovery strives to bring up society of happy, open-minded children, ready for the challenges of the modern world.

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Frequently asked questions

What if the child does not like?

  • There is an adaptation period for children, which lasts 2 weeks. Then you could make your choice.

What if the child is ill?

  • The child will be ill at any school, but this is useful for the formation of the immune system. We use germicidal lamps; give children compote hips to reduce the risk of infection in our kindergarten.

What if the child is ill for a long time, do I have to pay for this period?

  • Payment is taken for the conservation of place, not for attendance. It is possible to recount, if your child is really seriously ill for a long time and if you have verified documents from the medical facility.

Do you want your child to speak the language of Shakespeare before school?

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Come to us – it doesn’t oblige.

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P. S.
We respect your choice, whatever it was. The main thing is to be correct, and hope, you would not regret the decision.
Make the right choice for your child's future. Not only a decent system, but also worthy of the place of study.
Bring your child to Discovery and get both of it.

Have you got any questions?
Ask our specialists.
Call (495)730-73-30, (915) 191-27-41


Discovery International School Krupskaya:

Moscow, Krupskoy street, building 1
(495) 730-73-30; (915) 191-27-41
Monday– Friday from 8:00 am till 06:00 pm

We are on holiday until 31 of July.

We will be happy to see you and answer your admission questions after the 1st of August.

2016/17 school year begins on the 1st of September.

Legal Information:

Private pre-school educational organization «Discovery»
Education license 035275 issued on 03 July 2014 by Russian Department of Education


We invite you to visit our kindergarten before making the decision whether to choose Discovery International School for your child or not. For this you must contact us as indicated in contact phones, and we will be happy to arrange your visit. All children are tested for admission to Discovery.