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Both hemispheres of the child’s brain are involved during the musical activities, which contributes to intensive intellectual development. The child develops a sense of rhythm, ear training, coordination, memory and voice on music lessons.


Hip-hop is a contrast of tempo and dynamics, where the steps interchange with one another. Due to the dance children will have an opportunity to feel the movements, rythme and think at the same time. 

Little dancers will be able to express their thoughts and feelings. Dance lesson will definetely help your child to develop a sense self-confidence, open-mindedness and it will facilitate the perception of other people, and their sucess and failures in sports. 


Skills such as running, lifting, jumping, throwing help to improve the body, strengthen the muscular system, the development of posture.


Chess develops strategic thinking, the ability to act in the mind. Children learn to think several steps ahead to solve logic problems, to reason and to make decisions, to concentrate on a single task.


Children discover the wonderful world of dance; it develops their spiritual and cultural world.


Classes JIU-Jitsu enhance immunity, harmonious development of the bone-muscular system and the prevention of flatfoot. In the classroom children will learn to maintain discipline, to respect each other, to work in team, honest to win and strive for new heights.

Mini Football

Mini football is the type of football. There are 5 players in each team (a goalkeeper and 4 outfield players). To play the game we need to put on soft shoes,for example gymnastic footwear. This will help us to make the game less traumatic. And what is more, it is not allowed to play without any shoes! During the game we will learn the technique of leading the ball with one leg, than the other. I will show a myriad of different exercises to acquire the "feeling of the ball", and of course to kick the goal! And also I will teach how to pass the ball  in the name of the victory and to see the whole field space. We will rejoice over victories and learn lessons from defeats. 

I am a Painter

At the club children will not only master the techniques of drawing and develop creative skills but also become more attentive to the surrounding world around them. The right hemisphere drawing technique helps to look in a new way at usual things of our everyday life.


Robotics helps to develop constraction and programming skills as well as imagination and logic. At our lessons childrenn create their own toys and then program it on a computer. That is how they get a completely new toy made by themselves. It is scientifically proved that the more imagination is developed the faster children are able to learn at school. Robotics helps to develop motility,observation skills, concentration, independence, persistence and patience.