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Frequently asked questions

What if the child does not like?

  • There is an adaptation period for children, which lasts 2 weeks. Then you could make your choice.

What if the child is ill?

  • The child will be ill at any school, but this is useful for the formation of the immune system. We use germicidal lamps; give children compote hips to reduce the risk of infection in our kindergarten.

What if the child is ill for a long time, do I have to pay for this period?

  • Payment is taken for the conservation of place, not for attendance. It is possible to recount, if your child is really seriously ill for a long time and if you have verified documents from the medical facility.

Do you want your child to speak the language of Shakespeare before school?

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P. S.
We respect your choice, whatever it was. The main thing is to be correct, and hope, you would not regret the decision.
Make the right choice for your child's future. Not only a decent system, but also worthy of the place of study.
Bring your child to Discovery and get both of it.

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